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I returned safe home from an adventerous and fantastic journey in Your

You gave us excellent information, and I should really want to explore more
of Your country.

I have studied Your home-pages. Impressive!!! However I cannot find any

As promised I send you the adresses for the 2 companies here in Norway that
I have found arrange tours to Ethiopia. and
Mailadresses: and

We talked about the book written by Philip Marsden. The title is "The
chains of heaven".

I wish you all the best!!!!

And do hope to have the opportunity to contact you later concerning other
adventures in Your fantastic country.

Love form
Anne Kristine Julsrud Fjellhaug


Ethiopia - travel impressions

This year we put a dream to reality and traveled to Ethiopia for two weeks. As we did not have so much time and never had been there before we decided, against our usual habit, to book an organized journey with a local guide. We were there persons and wanted to book in any case a local organization With Moses Covenant Tours, Temesgen Mengistu the Managing Director was the one we found an ideal guide and tour Operator. Not only that he speaks very good English, he studied tourism and economics and is very concerned about the situation of his country and its people.

Through that we had very interesting conversations throughout the trip. Beside that he is very Religious and he live the culture himself that he talks about. This makes it very authentic when he explains all the pictures and frescos in the churches and cloisters at Tana Lake, Gondar and Lalibela. All the stories about the martyrs, saints and the merciful mother Mary. Through that we could conceive all the church services, which are very different to ours, much better.

The hotels Temesgen and his Company Moses Covenant Tours chose for us have been very comfortable. The rooms were always clean, light and tastefully outfitted so that we enjoyed staying there. With his guidance we tried mainly Ethiopian food which we liked very much and our stomachs coped with it without problems.

The Ethiopian culture which longs back till the queen of Sheba is incredible rich and versatile what is very little known in Europe. Whether we visited the palaces of Gondar and its kings or the ancient places in Axum with its impressing monuments, Temesgen is familiar with all of it and has got answers to all questions.

Most impressing are the churches of Lalibela. You can hardly imagine the skillfulness and the Knowledge of the master builders who carved these beautiful buildings out of an entire stone.

Almost unbelievable this beauty!

But a trip to Ethiopia - in this case to the northern part, north of Addis Abeba - would not be complete without its unique nature. The best way to get in touch with her is to go right in - trekking.

We undertook an 8 day walking trip through the Simien-mountains. This was quite challenging but incredible beautiful and inspiring. The roof of Africa unveiled majestic outlooks of beauty and drama to us.

We encountered unforgettable meetings with local people - ounce we were spontaneously invited to join an Ethiopian coffee ceremony in there hut. We met and watched a lot of animals - many baboons, Ethiopian wolves, bushbucks, klipspringer, eagles, vultures and others.

When we reached our camp in the evening the tents were already set up and a big pot of hot tea was waiting for us, what has been very agreeable cause of the cool temperatures in the mountains. The food our cook prepared was very opulent and tasty (every day a three dish menu). Everything's was perfectly organized. Later we gathered with our guides, the cook, the mule-guides and other travelers around the fireplace and talked.

Temesgen orchestrated all this in his calm and relaxing manner and organized when there was Something special to organize. He was very caring, flexible and opens for our wishes. The last day when my husband was a bit tired he took us to the Addis Sheraton where we could stay in its beautiful garden relaxing and having tea while he accompanied the friend of ours to the open market to do some shopping.

We are very thankful to him, as through his company Moses Covenant Tours we experienced an unforgettable journey and we warmly recommend to book your journey to Ethiopia with him( - As we are going to do when we will travel to the southeast of Ethiopia with its volcanoes.

With many good wishes,

Sabine and Bernhard
Tenerife, Spain

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