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Ethiopia, the country in the North East of Africa literally called the Horn of Africa is the land locked country with an area of 1,112,000 Sq. Km has about 82 million inhabitants.

Ethiopia is the home of diversified culture and nature that makes the land ‘the mosaic of people’. The country has ancient richest history that dates back to the first millennium unlike many countries in Africa. The land of Queen of Sheba the so called Ethiopia is also a home to eighty three ethnic groups having their own dialect and religion. The Abyssinia (Ethiopia) sheltered the Original Arc of the covenant in the Northern ancient town of Axum. Ethiopia is a unique country that boosts for having her own writings, calendar and about 200 dialects.

Ethiopia has prehistorical and historical sites in different spots. Archaeologists have found various human and animal fossils that tell about the lifestyle and civilization of ancient Ethiopians. The historical manuscripts, minted coins, graves, monuments and caves depict about the ancient development and livelihood of the people whom used to live in the ancient land of punt.

As Ethiopia considered the three in one tourism commodities; historic route is more to be found in the Northern part of the country. The nations; who are living in Omo valley; are the best to admire un-hybrid culture of real Africa.

The high, rugged, Siemen Mountains in the North and the Bale Mountains in the Southeast are also home to some unique, endemic floras and faunas. There are also trekking routes within these national parks and other sites.

Beside this in Ethiopia there are eleven National Parks and four sanctuaries where 277 species of wildlife and more than 850 species of bird can be seen. The Great Rift Valley lakes, many with national parks, are home to a wealth bird and animal life.

Ethiopia is also sometimes called the roof of Africa; because there are about 20 Mountains that has an elevation above 4000 Meter above sea level. Many rivers that originated within Ethiopia cross and flow out to other African countries in different directions like Blue Nile. For such reason Ethiopia a water tower of East and North Africa.

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